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The U.S military developed a program for dogs in the 1970's called "Bio Sensor" also known as the "Super Dog Program".  The program was originally used to improve the performance and intelligence of dogs used for military purposes.  Since it's inception many dog owners and breeders of various breeds of dogs have adopted the methods used by the initial "Bio Sensor Program" to help in the development of their young dogs.

Each puppy raised at Silver Sage Labradors will be exposed to the Bio Sensor Techniques to ensure they have every early opportunity to grow and become an intellegent and obedient partner for our customers.

Below is a link to an article that explains the benefits of the Bio Sensor Program.  Silver Sage Labradors does not use the Bio Sensor program as a substitute for the socialization and handling of our puppies, but rather incorporate the program into many other socialization and imprinting regimes throughout the first 6-8 weeks of each puppies lives. 


Dog Foods:  Natures Domain Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato

We currently feed Natures Domain Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato grain free dog food.  This is a high quality dog food at an affordable price that is available only at Costco.  The ingredients and quality of Natures Domain rival that of other grain free dog foods at a cost of 30% less than most foods with comparable ingredients.  We highly recommend this food to customers looking for a top feed at a reasonable price that your dogs will love!


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